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Set wallpaper from a picture album when initiating Windows.
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Freeware graphics viewer, photo editor and image converter







The first time 32Versee photo gallery free program is executed, the program it will create "...\32VerSee\Sequence\..." subfolders so that files can be ordered by renaming them by adding a 3-digit file index at the beginning of the names and ensuring that these changes can only occur in the "\ Sequence " subfolders.

When the image file displayed in the main window of the photo gallery free program belongs to a Sequence subfolder the picture viewer is in Sequence mode .

Only the pictures or images files in the subfolders of the Sequence folder will be ordered from 0 to 998 by renaming them. This means that the image files will keep this order in Windows Explorer when ordered by extended names. As such this order is accessible from other Windows applications.

Many picture files may exist with the same name in the "\ Sequence " subfolders thanks to the different first three digits tool. In this case 32VerSee photo album software will automatically add a correlative 2-digit filename index at the end of the name for easy identification, regardless of the 3-digit file index . The number of image files with the same name is limited to 99 in this image album software..

When a file is copied to a folder outside the Sequence subfolders, the original name of the picture file is restored by the photo gallery program.

If you do not feel comfortable with this feature of the free picture album program, simply do not use the "\Sequence" folder.

When the free picture album program is in Sequence mode the Swap and Place buttons of the toolbar are visible, otherwise they do not appear. Nevertheless, before any change in image filenames is made, the free photo gallery program verifies the Sequence mode.

Sequence mode can also exist for different users, for instance it could exist in "...\32VerSee User1 \Sequence\..." and "...\32VerSee User2 \Sequence\..." folders.



Toolbar tip - Swap
Options tip - Swap

Depending on the options settings, this menu item of the free photo gallery presentations program will affect the image albums with sequence mode:

  • Swap the sequence order of image files displayed in the little and main windows of the free picture album.. (When the toolbar button is black)
  • Swap the images displayed in the little and main windows of the presentation tool and their sequence order. (When the toolbar button is blue)

Only In Sequence mode this function of the photo slide show software is enabled and the Place toolbar button is visible.

This menu item allows the user to change the sequence order of the image file displayed in the main window of the free photo gallery software to any position within the current folder. This is a powerful tool to reorder files in the current folder.

When executed:

  • A scroll bar appears, of which the minimum is 1 and the maximum is the total image files of the current folder, and the numerical order of the current picture file is shown.
  • Moving the scroll bar with the mouse will change the sequence order where the picture file will be placed.
  • By clicking outside the scroll bar, the picture file will be moved to the destination sequence order, and the image that now has the initial sequence order will be activated.

All the photo files in the current folder will be rearranged according to the new alphabetical order, so the final sequence order of the moved picture file will depend on its name and the name of the other file with the same sequence order before being rearranged.

An exact sequence order can be achieved with the Swap function.




The Swap toolbar button is visible only in Sequence mode and enabled when the image files associated with the little and main windows of the picture album program are different.



The Little window option in the Show tab of the Options form must be checked to allow the little window of the picture album program to appear.

The Swap order and images option will change the colour of the Swap toolbar button and the corresponding action. When the button is blue , it will swap not only the sequence order between images associated with the little and main window of the free photo gallery slide program but the images as well.