See photos


See photos sequentially with free graphic viewer and image slide show.
Capture a screenshot or digital picture and changes wallpaper.
Performs digital zoom and stretch and picture editor.
See photos jpg, gif and bmp. Photo converter.
Other free graphic viewer functions.

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Freeware graphics viewer, photo editor and image converter





32VerSee is a free photo viewer. It works with the 32 bit Windows operating systems. The photo viewer and picture slide show program has been specially designed to:

  • View images Sequentially regardless of their name, size, extension and date, by using the Sequence mode.

  • Support up to 99 photos with the same name in the same folder, this can be very useful for picture galleries.

  • Perform instant zoom and stretch while using the free photo viewer.

32VerSee free photo viewer and picture slide show program also performs functions such as:

  • Screenshot capture by using the Windows clipboard.
  • Image converter: save, copy, move, print, send to and delete jpg, bmp and gif graphic files.
  • Photo editor
  • Rename a photo file, undo and redo picture editions.
  • Picture slide show with auto scroll, auto size and centre image of jpg, bmp and gif graphic files.
  • View next photo, activate or refresh image.
  • Flip, swap, place pictures by changing its sequence order.
  • Wallpaper changing from the image displayed on the screen.

Special care has been taken to provide quick access to help topics and context-sensitive help.

Another feature of the photo viewer is the possibility of personalising the program through the Options form Settings of some options are indicated by changes in icons or colours of toolbar buttons.

The picture slide show program adapts some settings automatically depending on the last action taken by the user. These changes will be indicated by changes in icons or colours of toolbar buttons.

All settings will be saved for next user session of 32VerSee photo viewer when using the Exit item of the File menu.

Command line arguments allow users to specify a graphic file or folder to begin the photo viewer with and may set Windows Wallpaper without opening the 32VerSee picture slide show program.

It is also possible to associate supported image file extensions to 32VerSee slide show program like jpg, bmp, gif and ico.



The toolbar has been designed to allow quick actions while viewing images. Its buttons adapt in certain cases to the latest action chosen by the user. In other cases, configuration is possible using the Options View menu item.

The buttons will be visible or enabled when appropriate.

When actions are automatic or do not allow prompting to the user, the colour of the toolbar buttons is blue to remind the user that the program will perform actions automatically or without prompting.

Use Context-sensitive help and read Toolbar tips for fast access to its capabilities.



The following information is contained in the status bar:

  • Little window image index when applicable.
  • Info height and width images.
  • File type.
  • Original image size.
  • File index or sequence order when in Sequence mode.
  • Filename. - In Sequence mode the first 6 characters are not shown.



Status Bar.

  • Unchecking the Show Status bar check box may hide the status bar
  • Context-sensitive help appears when right clicking the status bar